White truffles from Alba

White truffles from Alba. The truffle is a fungus that lives underground in symbiosis with the roots of plants.
Truffles have the appearance of tubers formed within a fleshy mass called “clod” and outside from a bark called “peridio”; they are made in high percentage of water, fiber and mineral salts absorbed. The salts come from the roots of the tree with which they live in symbiosis.
The white truffle of Alba, called in the local dialect “trifola”, is considered by all the experts the best in the world. It is found exclusively in a small hilly area of Langhe, Roero and the Monferrato. There are also other areas of Italy where the white truffle is harvested, but often the product fails to have the same high quality levels.
The truffle is recognized as a valuable product, for few elected and he fits very well into Italian cuisine, especially in cuisine of Piemonte .
It is in fact a very small amount of truffle to flavor a dish or a sauce, making the dish itself an enormous added value in terms of both taste and cost.

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